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Justin Bieber Dedicates Song to Selena Gomez at Surprise SXSW Show

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I said it yesterday when we reported that Justin Bieber was reported kissing Selena Gomez in a restaurant in Texas – we’re getting punked. This story is something their publicists scripted. Bieber was meant to have a terrible downfall and Gomez was the “poor me” of his destructive behavior. They both would rebound and be the Hollywood “it” couple. Well, if my theory is right – they’re grossly wrong.

Anyway, yesterday’s report that Justin Bieber dedicated a song to “my baby” Selena Gomez at a surprise SXSW performance. Selena, of course, was in the crowd continuing to confirm rumors that the two are on the path to a reunion. According to reports, all of the artists gathered on stage for a jam session including Bieber, who snuck on stage as well. After the song was over, Bieber asked to perform solo. That’s when he acknowledged his on-and-off again girlfriend.

This report comes on the heels of a story that said that Bieber got upset when asked to discuss his relationship with Gomez during a deposition shouting “Don’t ask me that again”. The two were also spotted together for most of the time they were at SXSW. Here we go.. I fully expect Bieber and Gomez to get back in the game now.

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