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Justin Bieber Deletes a Picture of Ex Selena Gomez on Instagram

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Justin Bieber is becoming predictable to a point where you know he just needs some attention because he hasn’t been in the news lately. That’s the case this past week with Bieber and his Instagram account when he posted a picture of Selena Gomez then deleted it almost immediately. In the black and white photo, Selena is cradling the 20-year old singer’s head in her arms and gazing into the camera. If that didn’t get enough attention Bieber captioned the picture “Our love is unconditional”. This isn’t the first time nor probably the last Bieber has gotten sentimental over Gomez. We all know the effect it’s having on Gomez.

Who knows what is going on inside Bieber’s head?  Last month it was reported that he and Victoria’s Secret model Adrianna Lima hooked up in Cannes. As for Gomez, she’s been in the news as well. Unfortunately, for another negative story. This time it was Miley Cyrus who decided to diss the troubled singer during one of her concerts. Talk about a dysfunctional situation – we’re still Beliebing that Gomez and Biebs will be reunited in love.. sadly.

What’s truly interesting is that this relationship may very well be talked about 20 years down the road.  What kind of society are we living in here?

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