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Justin Bieber Flies into Los Angeles and is in More Trouble

Pop sensation Justin Bieber flew from Europe back to his Los Angeles area home on Tuesday and into an argument with one of his neighbors – the latest in a series of odd incidents involving the teen singer. Deputies were called to the 19-year-old’s house in Calabasas, California, on Tuesday morning after a neighbor claimed that he had been threatened and struck by Bieber, said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore.

Oh and by the way. He went through security at the airport without his shirt on. Remember a while back when I was hoping this guy would turn out like Justin Timberlake? I simply can’t see that happening right now. Timberlake never seemed to get into messes like this in his teens or even with NSync.

I mean who can we compare Bieber to at this point?

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