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Rumors Abound that Justin Bieber Going Broke

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The legal fees alone must be mind-boggling? It’s been a long year for pop sensation Justin Bieber. He’s dealt with a plethora of legal issues and is surely paying lawyers and fines in sums of money that most of us can only dream about. Add that to the fact he’s spending a million dollars a month on private jets, parties, drugs, shopping sprees and more it won’t be long before he’s broke.

According to GossipCop, Justin Bieber’s financial advisers have admitted their is little left to invest after his lavish spending. A so-called friend has told Star magazine:

“Justin’s financial situation is getting dire,” a so-called “friend” tells Star. “His preteen fans are getting older, and Justin’s popularity is falling. But he’s spending more than ever. If he doesn’t curb his cash flow, he is going to be a poor has-been by 22.”

It’s really not hard to imagine as we’ve seen this story in Hollywood and professional sports plenty of times. All reports are indicating that Justin Bieber is well on his way to draining his $160 million fortune.

Now that we’ve reported this story, let us say that there have been several stories refuting this claim. Apparently, despite Bieber’s legal troubles and lavish spending he’s in no trouble of going broke. Either way, we wouldn’t be surprised if he did end up having financial troubles at some point.

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