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Justin Bieber Being Investigated in Alleged Robbery

We can file this under the most insane news story you will hear all day. You know how the authorities have their eyes on Justin Bieber for all the cocky stuff he has been pulling lately? Well, now he is wanted in a robbery. Biebz was mini-golfing. A young girl snapped a pic. He didn’t want her to, so he made her delete it. That is the robbery, from what we are being told. He made a girl erase a pic.

You see, what is happening now is the authorities plan on using Justin Bieber as an example. From his attitude to some of the legal stuff he has been pulling, the world wants him to know he will not be getting away with it. But this case? A deleted photo? It just seems a little finicky to me. If they really wanted him, all they would have to do is sit back and wait. The kid is one example of bad judgement after the other lately. But you nab him on stuff like this, the authorities are going to be the ones who end up looking silly. Like they are just being bullies.

This case is odd because it is such an insignificant story in the big scheme of things. But it does prove one thing. They really want to take Justin Bieber down, and don’t care what it takes to do it.

(Photo by Miami Beach Police Department via Getty Images)

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