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Justin Bieber is Being Investigated on Assault Charges with a Nerf Gun

It just keeps getting better for Justin Bieber.  Here’s the story. Justin was in Ottawa, Canada in November when a female employee of the venue where he was performing filed a police report, claiming Bieber or someone who was Biebs adjacent assaulted her. The woman told Canadian cops (aka Mounties) she was hit by something.

That something was a kid-safe projectile from a Nerf gun. Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Justin was Nerf fighting with his 3-year-old brother and 4-year-old sister and apparently one of the darts hit the woman.

Apparently  the woman pitched a fit and told Bieber’s people she was a security guard for the venue and was royally pissed off.  And she of course filed a police report and my guess is that she’ll be seeking money for this.   Afterall, why not go after Bieber right now?  Hell if he were feeding these kids popcorn and some got stuck in their teeth and I’m they’d think of something.

Questions still remain as to whether or not Bieber was high at the time of the Nerf showdown.

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