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Justin Bieber Makes Surprise Appearance at Coachella

Coachella has become quite the must-go-to-event, huh? Reality is, you can go to the show and have no idea the awesome reunions or surprised guests who are going to show up and tear it up for the giant numbers in attendance. And wouldn’t you know it, Coachella goers got a very special surprise guests in the form of Justin Bieber. Granted, the pop star did not put on a whole set, but he did appear on stage to join a special friend for a brief bit.

Chance the rapper was on stage when Justin Bieber joined him. He danced around the stage a bit, the audience all went a bit crazy, and it was just a great start to how the Summer of shows will be. See, Coachella often sets the tone for what is to come in giant shows over the Summer, so we can say it seems like these things are off to a great start. The reality about Coachella is that you never know who you will see or who will pop up and surprise people. That is half the fun of going to such an epic show.

Truth is, you don’t even have to be a fan of Justin Bieiber to appreciate that he did that. Its nice when he doesn’t mind not being the center of attention, but it was also cool he even made an appearance. Some seemed disappointed when he didn’t stay for long, but that is just how it works sometimes. Either way, you know there will be more Coachella stories soon. This thing is never less than epic.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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