Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus Voted Most Annoying of 2013

They’re rich. They’re famous. They are loved by young boys and girls all over the world. Unfortunately, they aren’t loved by all. According to a recent report originated in the UK, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus were voted the most annoying celebrities in 2013. It’s a clear indication that there are many out there that are pretty much over the young pop artists’ antics.

Here’s the complete list:

1.) Justin Bieber
2.) Miley Cyrus
3.) Russell Brand
4.) Helen Flanagan
5.) Kim Kardashian
6.) Lady Gaga
7.) Piers Morgan
8.) Katie Hopkins
9.) Harry Styles
10.) Luis Suarez

Our apologies for the English flavor to the list, but there’s little doubt that Bieber and Cyrus are topping the most annoying list domestically as well. Bieber has been a non-stop press release and none of it has been positive, while Cyrus and her antics have earned her a spot in celebrity infamy. It’s hard to imagine either of these two becoming globally popular anytime soon.

Image via Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

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