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Justin Bieber Responds to Patrick Carney in an Expected Immature Way

Remember how Patrick Carney kind of dissed Justin Bieber at the Grammy awards?  Remember how we were hoping that Bieber would respond?  It looks like our wish has come true.  Right now Mr. Bieber isn’t taking too kindly to being told he doesn’t deserve a Grammy going after the Black Keys drummer who insulted him  saying, the drummer “should be slapped around.”

Bieber added “haha” at the end of his statement  which he posted on Twitter as if he was joking.  Fact is, he wasn’t joking.   Fact is, he’s still just a kid and takes this stuff personally.  Fact is, Justin Bieber makes a lot more money than I will ever see but I’m still allowed to make fun of his immaturity.

I’m giving the advantage to Carney thus far.

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