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Justin Bieber Shows off in Miami

I can’t believe I’m actually posting this.   Has my life really come to posting a picture of Justin Bieber showing off his abs?  I think it has. 18-year-old teen pop star Justin Bieber flashed his wannabe tough guy ripped abs to photographers in Miami on Monday.

Ladies out there.  Are you digging this?  I’m really trying hard to figure out what kind of “man” Bieber is eventually going to be.   I think the next decade is going to be quite interesting.  I predict more tattoos, more rampant behavior and more of a “bad boy” type of thing.

Will he evolve into a Timberlake type of dude?  I really hope so but I doubt it.   Photo credit to INF Daily.

*P.S. Isn’t it kind of easy to have a six pack when you weight 60 lbs?


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One thought on “Justin Bieber Shows off in Miami

  1. I am a girl and I personaly don’t like Justin Beiber. I mean I got nothin against him but I just don’t like him. Anyways, him showing off his abs to paparazzi is typical, all he wants to do is make some kind of name for himself. He thinks he’s all cool and EVERYONE LOVES JUSIN (no…)! The best part is he doesn’t even have abs! He has a flat stomach with a tiny bit of outlining defenition. I wouldn’t call that a six pack….


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