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Justin Bieber Storms out of a Deposition When Asked About Selena Gomez

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You know, the worst thing you can do when someone is questioning you about something is act like…well, Justin Bieber. When all the world is looking at you, trying to figure out if you are a punk or not, it might not be the best time to pull this kind of move. I am talking about how Justin Bieber storms out of a deposition when his ex-lady, Selena Gomez was mentioned. Sorry dude, life is gonna be full of exes. You need to get hold of your emotions now, because, believe it or not, what everyone thinks of you is reflected in this whole process. Handle it like a man, we will see you as one. Handle it like you did, and we will see you as the kid you are.

Basically, rumor is Bieber told his bodyguard to assault a guy last year, and now they are being sued. In an attempt to get a reaction from Bieber, opposing counsel asked if Selena was with him at the time, to which he responded ” do NOT ask me about her” over and over, and then walked out.

Rumor is he came back and finished answering questions with some real attitude. Cool man, way to make half the world like you even less.

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

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