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Justin Bieber Unveils a New Song

Justin Bieber, the ‘Beauty and a Beat’ singer was scheduled to have a live chat with fans last night, but couldn’t get a good internet connection as he is currently on vacation, so instead posted a video and a preview of the unfinished new song. The singer appeared shirtless in the clip and apologized, saying: ”My fans are just overpopulating the sites and I just don’t think it’s going to work. So I’m just going to make a video and play some new music.”

He later posted a link to a version of new mid-tempo track ‘You Want Me’, saying: ”Its not finished but here’s a little part a song I’m working on.”  In other news Bieber didn’t do a half bad job on Saturday Night Live.  I, like most men in their 30s can’t stand the guy but at least he made fun of himself.  As per normal I have not listened to one of his songs yet.   Well, I know that Baby song but that’s about it.

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