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Justin Bieber is Urged to Go to Rehab

It’s been one incident after another with Justin Bieber.  The latest as you may have already heard has been the “egg incident” and rumors of Bieber potentially being deported to Canada should he face strong enough charges.  But the latest according to TMZ says that those close to Justin Bieber reportedly “urge” the 19-year-old to check into rehab after developing a drug problem.

Apparently recreational use isn’t what Bieber is doing.  According to sources his use has been “irregular” as in way too much.  At this point it’s not as though we feel incredibly sorry for Bieber because there are other 19 year olds who are extremely successful that aren’t on this path, but at the same time we really do wish this kid would get some help and use his celebrity for some good.

Either that or bow out of the limelight which really isn’t a horrible idea.   We’ll keep you posted as to whether or not Bieber decides to abide by his friends’ wishes.

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