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Justin Bieber Whines about his “Worst Birthday” and We Lament Life

Seems like Justin Bieber may need to put things in perspective. The newly 19-year-old pop superstar took to Twitter to whine about his “worst birthday,” which went down on Friday night. At the club, some of Bieber’s friends were reportedly turned away because they were underage. Will Smith’s son Jaden was rumored to be one of the Justin’s buddies that were denied entry.

But Bieber explained—that’s not why it was the absolute “worst birthday.” In a post on Instagram, the singer ranted the birthday was ruined by the “weak club” and “dummies pushing my fans and being overly aggressive.” He also denied that Smith’s son was out at the club with him.

He did eventually admit it wasn’t really the “worst birthday” (oh good, we didn’t think so). “Btw it wasn’t the worst bday cuz all my friends from back home flew in I was just mad in the moment.”

Phew!  Thank God for that Biebs!  We’re glad your night was salvaged.   I have to admit that I’m 100% annoyed with myself that I’m actually even paying attention to “news” like this.   People actually care that Justin Bieber didn’t have the best birthday party ever.  People care that Jaden Smith wasn’t allowed into a club.  People care.

Sure I can say we need to focus on the economy and getting out of debt.  That we need to care for our kids.  That we need to be safe, protect our homes, our futures.  But isn’t complaining that Justin Bieber’s life is way better than ours a little bit more fun?  I guess it kind of is.

Like I said, I’m lamenting life right now.

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