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Justin Bieber’s Best Hope is Psychotheraphy According to his Camp

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I will never understand it. I just wont. I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that people would be given the gift of a life, where you are making millions and millions of people are worshiping you, and yet, you make dumb choices and throw it all away. I am, of course, talking about Justin Bieber. Right now, his camp is saying psychotherapy is Justin Bieber’s best hope to get back to life as he knew it. That is some pretty heavy stuff.

Justin Bieber needs therapy. But I feel the need to point something out here. Can’t we say he is beyond that? Can’t we say he needed the therapy and rehab before he got arrested for DUI and resisting arrest? If this was anyone else, they would be in a world of trouble and potentially not seeing the sun for a very long time.   But it is Justin Bieber, so he is gonna be sent to therapy and then just be able to get on with his superstar life? I know we are a celebrity site, but that seems a little weak, even to us. The reality is, Justin Bieber’s best hope at this point might just be some time behind bars.

It could teach him character and derail him from making any more huge mistakes that he will definitely make again if he only gets a slap on the hand. Listen, someone needs to say it.

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