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Justin Timberlake is Ready to Release New Music

Is Justin Timberlake bringing music back? Despite reports in August that a new album wasn’t forthcoming soon, the musician and actor revealed on Twitter Thursday he’ll be releasing new music. “I think I’M READY,” he Tweeted before posting a link to a YouTube video which shows him walking into a studio and explains his absence from releasing new songs.

While Timberlake didn’t reveal exactly what he’s working on, rumor has it that just this past summer he had been collaborating with long time friend Timbaland.   It’s awfully hard to believe that the last time Timberlake had any real music out was in 2006 when he released Futuresex/Lovesounds.

Personally I think Timberlake is a great actor and has the potential to be an elite one.  I’m sure he’ll continue to work hard at both.   It’s extremely hard to believe this was the front man for N’Sync.  Wow.

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