Kanye West Continues To Talk Badly About Nike

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Oh, Kanye West.  Whatever will we do with you? In one sense, you keep us busy as writers, and we appreciate that. In the other sense, we just want people to appreciate your music, and that wont happen if people don’t like you. The problem lately is that (and always with West) is that he is very outspoken, and this tends to work against him sometimes. Like right now, for example, with his battle with Nike. Nike may be in the wrong here, but Kanye West needs to realize we didn’t elect him as politician. He doesn’t always need to be angry or have enemies.

As VIBE talks about today, Kanye West has been raging against Nike lately. Seems he claims the shoe company is withholding his new Red Yeezus shoes unless shoe stores agree to stock ten other Nike shoes. West claims the other shoes the company is pushing all aren’t nearly as nice as his, and this is just Nike attempting some extortion. Listen, we respect Kanye, but accusations like that are pretty heavy. Pretty sure Nike does not need the money, and doesn’t need to extort anyone, so what is really going on here? What we need to understand is this is a business deal, and the truth is, none of us can really know what went down.

What we will know is how Nike responds to Kanye West’s claims, and we will let you know as soon as the mega company makes an official statement.

(Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

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