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Kanye West Gives Kim Kardashian an Odd Wedding Present

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The biggest celebrity wedding in years was actually a media surprise. A surprise meaning Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s big day went off without as much media attention as many projected. Don’t get it confused, the wedding was well-covered, but we didn’t drown in it. Just a week removed from the big day, there are still a few scattered stories surfacing about the newlyweds.

According to reports, Kanye West’s wedding gift to Kim has been revealed and it’s an awfully strange choice. West apparently commissioned well-known street artist Bambi to paint a topless portrait of his new wife wearing barely anything and Louboutin heels. The title of the painting… well.. ‘Perfect B…” you get the idea. West apparently intends to hang the painting in their bedroom. And when their kids get older, we’ll see…

This isn’t the first ‘interesting’ gift that West has given to Kim. Last Christmas, he gave her a handbag with a bunch of naked ladies painted on it. At this point, there isn’t much that is going to shock us from Kim and Kanye. And for the record, they’ve been married about a week for those of you who bet on how long this would last….

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