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Kat Von D Granted a Restraining Order Against Creepy Fan

Kat Von D can breath a sigh of relief, at least for the next three years because she’s been granted a long term restraining order against the obsessed fan who was harassing her non-stop.

TMZ broke the story. Kat requested a temporary restraining order earlier this month against a man named Michael Nunn. Kat claimed Nunn sent her creepy messages on Twitter, showed up to her house uninvited, called her phone constantly, and creeped up on her at public events.

Nunn must stay at least 300 yards from her at all times until December of 2015.  Question, does this mean no electronic contact?  I mean couldn’t Nunn be thousands of miles away but still obsessively call Von D?  There’s gotta be some kind of a statute in the order that includes electronic devices.

Looks like Mr. Nunn is going to have a lonely next 3 years.   Maybe he should try not being obsessed with celebrities and just read a nice book.

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