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Kate Gosselin’s Twins Go Silent on the Today Show

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Listen, I am going to give you a little advice before I start this story. If your kids don’t like you very much, you probably shouldn’t bring them on national TV to make them talk about how happy they are and how normal you are. Truth is, it wont play out like you want it to. We learned this lesson even more so after Kate Gosselin’s twins go silent on The Today Show? Did you guys see that? I wont lie. It was very odd, but can you blame them?

The long and short is Kate Gosselin brought her kids on the Today Show to counteract all the recent rumors that being on their reality show may have messed them up a little bit. The moment came for them to talk about how awesome their Mom is and how well adjusted they are, and as the camera panned to them, they just sat there in silence. Kate was getting very mad, and was saying stuff like “use your words” really angrily, and you could see this was not bringing this family any closer together or showing us they were well adjusted. If anything, it just reminded us in blinding flashes that these two really don’t like their Mom very much.

We don’t think her dragging them on the Today Show helped.

(Photo by Kent C. Horner/Getty Images)

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