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Kate Middleton Shows off the Baby Bump

Royal bump watchers got a new glimpse of the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge today as Kate Middleton stepped out to speak to women recovering from addiction.  Middleton, 31, appeared at Hope House in South London today wearing a grey wrap dress that showed the slightest hint of a growing baby bump. The duchess and her husband, Prince William, 30, announced in December that they were expecting their first child.

Today’s appearance by Middleton was one of the few she’s made since being hospitalized early in her pregnancy for peremesis gravidarum, an acute morning sickness that requires supplementary hydration and nutrients.  She doesn’t quite look like she’s ready to give birth yet but she’s certainly well on her way and in good health.

A far different picture then back in December.  Too much drama.  Too much stress.   I wouldn’t wish that on anyone expecting a child.

Thanks to USA Today for the pic

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