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Are Kate Upton and Justin Verlander Back Together?

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Kate Upton merry-go-round of a love life has circled back to Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Justin Verlander… or has it? After spending time with ‘Dancing With The Stars’ lothario Maxim Chmerkovskiy, Upton returned to the market and may have taken some interest in an old flame. Upton and Verlander were spotted at the Philadelphia Flyers game this past weekend, but we can’t say they’re back together just yet.

Neither Upton nor Verlander have addressed the Tweet that outed them at the game. In fact, Verlander and Upton never really confirmed they dated in the first place. Verlander, 30, has maintained a relatively quiet love life despite being a huge star in Major League Baseball. On the other hand, Upton, 21, has already had her slew of dating rumors (and boyfriends) for that matter. It’ll be interesting to see if the couple has rekindled their relationship.

Keep in mind, Upton is only 21 years old

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