Kate Winslet Named Her New Son Bear

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Okay Hollywood. We need to ask you a question, and we want you to answer it honestly. Why do you give your kids such strange and out-there names? As if Apple wasn’t weird enough, stars just keep doing this, and we have no idea why. Well, good news if you are fans of this trend. Seems actress Kate Winslet named her new son Bear. Yes, bear. As in grizzly. Man, this kid better be tough, or his years in grade school will be rough.

As freep talks about, this is the second time a major Hollywood actress named their son Bear. First one was Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone. So now there are two young Bears in Hollywood. Does that make them cubs? Does that mean they are natural enemies, or will be natural friends? Also, honestly, what are stars thinking? Kids are running around Hollywood with names like Apple and Bear. Come on, admit if one of your friends named their kid Bear, you would make fun of them, at least a little? My name is Remy, so I get weird names, but at least it has an element of creativity to it. But Bear? Kate Winslet named her new son Bear?


(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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