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Kate Winslett Takes on Husband Number 3, Ned Rock’nroll

Actress Kate Winslet is once again a married woman. Winslet’s publicist confirmed today that the 37-year-old Oscar darling married Ned Rock’nRoll, nephew of music mogul Richard Branson, in a very private ceremony in New York earlier this month, according to People.

The ceremony was so private, in fact, that neither the bride’s nor the groom’s parents even knew about it, according to the U.K. newspaper The Sun. Instead, Winslet’s “Titanic” and “Revolutionary Road” co-star Leonardo DiCaprio gave the bride away.

We obviously wish the couple good luck but here’s the thing folks.   Don’t you think that as long as Winslett and Leonardo are friends her marriages are always doomed to fail?  Think about it.   There’s just no way each husband could handle that friendship.  And not to mention having to see Revolutionary Road.  Come on!  Just knowing your wife even acted out a love scene with DiCaprio has to be unbearable.

And it’s simply a matter of time before things sour.   That’s just my opinion but hey, I could be wrong.

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