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Katherine Heigl Admits She Hasn’t Made Much Money Lately

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Katherine Heigl was labeled as the actress you DO NOT want to work with a few years ago and it looks like it’s finally catching up to her. The romantic comedy star has been working steadily over the past few years, but hasn’t touched the success she achieved with the hit film Knocked Up or television show Grey’s Anatomy.

Heigl has been blacklisted in Hollywood because of her diva antics, but she is now finishing up working on an independent film entitled Jenny’s Wedding, but there’s a small problem. The film needs some money to make it to the big screen. The film is in post-production and the producers have started an indiegogo campaign to raise the $150,000 the film needs to be completed.

The campaign started earlier this money and has only raised $11,000 to date. TMZ caught up with Heigl to ask her about the movie. She did not answer whether or not she’s been paid, but when she was asked if the producers can’t raise enough money will she chip in the difference she responded

I haven’t made that much money in the last few years man. I need to support my family.

An interesting statement from the diva who was getting paid around $15,000,000 for her latest box office flops. Heigl hasn’t turned in a good movie in quite some time and because of the fact people don’t want to work for her might be in a more dire situation than we think.

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