Katie Couric’s Daytime Show is Being Canceled

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All good things must come to an end. Every great era must have its final moment. Every amazing book must have a final chapter. It is with those words that I regretfully inform you that Katie Couric’s daytime show is being canceled. Though Couric has been a mainstay on television for years, seems her daytime show is not bringing in the numbers it did initially. For that reason alone, they decided they had to drop the axe. Don’t cry for Katie Couric, though. She will be just fine. Someone else will be smart enough to snatch her up and utilize her talent.

Relax, though. As L.A Times points out, that is not until next Summer. We find it very odd and disjointing their are making the news that  Katie Couric’s daytime show is being canceled. But then they follow it up with “but not for awhile”. Truth is, it is not odd at all. It is contractual. Often times when network get big names, they sign them up for contracts. These contracts ensure they stay in place and have a job set for them. Time comes around and come contracts get reworked, some get nullified. Looks like this is an example of the latter.

What Katie Couric will do next, no one knows. But safe to say she will not just disappear. Expect more on this story soon.

(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Exploring The Arts)


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