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Katt Williams is Arrested Yet Again in L.A.

Katt Williams was just arrested in L.A., TMZ has learned.  After blowing off a court date in Sacramento. As previously reported, a Sacramento judge issued a bench warrant for Katt’s arrest yesterday when the comedian failed to show up for his arraignment, stemming from his wild 3-wheeled police chase back in November. He’s been charged with evading a police officer while driving recklessly, a felony.

Apparently Katt was cooperative with police and is being held on bail of $105,000.   Look, I’m no saint or anything like that.  However, I can tell you this.  There’s just no way that a guy like Katt Williams can’t get himself together.   I mean there’s just so much opportunity for a guy like him that it pisses me off he chooses to make these decisions.

I mean sure he’s not me.  And who am I to talk about him like I know him?  Still though.   It’s just kind of unfair that this dude is getting arrested left and right, can make millions for doing stand up and yet still can screw it up all the time.


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