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Katt Williams Nailed with a $4MM Tax Lien

Since when does Katt Williams make this much money?  Look, I know the dude likes to slap people in public places and at his concerts but I sure wasn’t aware that the going rate for these actions was in the millions.   I’m going to say that this guy is kind of like a modern day Gallagher.  Instead of smashing watermelons he smashes faces and dignity.

Uncle Sam filed the lien against Williams, claiming the comedian failed to pay $3.2 million in taxes in 2008 and also bailed on another $829,352 in 2009.   It’s not the first time Williams has been accused of stiffing the Feds.  Back in 2010 the IRS filed another tax lien against the comedian totaling $284,000, mere pennies compared to the new bill.

Some people just don’t belong out there in the world and I feel like Williams is one of them.  I hope I’m wrong.

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