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Katt Williams Whips an Audience Member with his Microphone

So Katt Williams is really on a roll here.  First the dude retires and says he’s basically had enough.   Why?  Because he gets into fights and apparently he’s burned out.  A day later the guy comes out and says he’s unretiring.  Sure enough not to much time after that he’s back up on stage.  So what does he do now?

Just days after slapping a Target employee last week, Katt Williams unleashed microphone fury on an unsuspecting audience member, knocking the man upside the head with his mouthpiece.

Katt was performing at the Paramount Theater in Seattle last Friday at the time and judging from the video, Katt was upset because the victim was recording his show.  Katt subsequently addressed the audience saying, “It could happen to you. Record me and see what happens to you. Go home and get your raggedy pistol and bring it back. I already got mine.”

Ladies and gentlemen.   Katt Williams makes more money than most of the people reading this site right now.  He gets PAID for this stuff.   Are we living in a bizarro world or what?  Honestly I have no idea what I’m doing on this planet anymore.


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