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Katy Perry Gets a Ring from John Mayer but not so Fast

John Mayer has given Katy Perry a ring — but it’s not a diamond and the two are not engaged. For Valentine’s Day, Mayer selected a one-of-a-kind Daniel Gibbings ring, which is heart-shaped and has a substantial ruby in the setting, and gave it to Perry, his girlfriend for roughly the past six months. The couple was photographed leaving Italian restaurant Vincenti on Valentine’s Day and Perry was sporting the ring.

A rep for Gibbings says Mayer was “really super nice” when shopping for the ring. However, a source tells People that the couple is not engaged.  Quick question. Does anyone think this relationship is going to stick?  I mean let’s just go with the odds here.  A big fat “no” would be my response.

Still though, I guess it’s nice to see a more “mature” Mayer these days.   Could it be because we’ve heard zero real music from him in like the last decade?  Hmmmm.  How is he still pulling all these chicks?  I mean what kind of Wonderland is this dude running?

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