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Katy Perry Relieved Relationship With John Mayer is Over

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Karma for John Mayer? It’s been a week since we reported that Mayer and girlfriend Katy Perry split. The news came as a shock to us because all we read about was the two singing duets on stage, professing their love for one another, and potentially getting engaged. Those reports seem kind of silly now because it appears as if Perry was contemplating splitting for a while.

According to E! News, sources have revealed that Perry felt something was missing in her relationship for quite some time. Perry knew deep down that her and Mayer weren’t right for each other because of certain differences in their personalities. Because of the fact the two had been through a lot together (and been together for a while) it took a while for Perry to actually pull the trigger. This news makes it seem like Mayer might be in a world of hurt right now eh?

There was no indication that the rumors around Mayer’s infidelity are true. The fact of the matter is: we hear stories as such all the time and there’s absolutely no proof Mayer did anything. Either way, ALL rumors are indicating that Perry is relieved to be a single chica again. Who’s next?

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