Keanu Reeves’ New Movie ’47 Ronin’ to Lose $175 Million

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Last week we reported that Keanu Reeves discussed the potential for another ‘Bill & Ted’s’ movie. The 49-year old actor said there was a script for the movie and it looked like a real possibility that it would be made. Now imagine if you were Keanu Reeves and your chance to rebound from an epic box office flop is a ‘Bill & Ted’s’ movie. Scary thought…

According to USA Today, Reeves’ latest movie ’47 Ronin’ had a disastrous holiday opening and could end up costing Universal Studios over $175 million. The Hollywood Reporter indicated that Universal may only be able to recover the minor marketing budget for the film leaving them with a huge loss. The overall holiday movie numbers weren’t great, but ’47 Ronin’ brought in only $20 million – well under projections.

Universal could sense the movie was going to be a disaster and wrote down the losses on previous quarters. This made the overall impact on Universal’s highly-profitable year very minimal. As for Reeves, if in fact ‘Bill & Ted’s’ is his next big film – he could be in serious trouble.

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