Keeping up with the Kardashians Ratings Decline

The Kardashians Visit Ringling Bros. At Staples Center

The Kardshians are an interesting clan, huh? Known for nothing, yet treated like royals.  Usually, though, in cases like these, there is always an eventual backlash. The thing is, I think we may be inching closer and closer to it everyday. Well, guess what? It’s happening. Here we sit, as The Kardashians ratings decline.   Their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is in the middle of a serious ratings slump.

Judging from the ratings drop this season, the world is already feeling the same way. As cynical as it may seem, when the Kardashians ratings decline, that bodes well for the rest of us, right? Means we might be getting our souls back? Just kidding. Maybe.

Radar Online has more about the epic Kardashians ratings decline. All you need to know is that less and less people are watching that show.

Photo by Zoltan Moric/Feld Entertainment via Getty Images

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