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Keith Richards is Going to Write a Children’s Book

Well, color me surprised. One of the men most famous for being a wild man who lives the rock n’ roll life to the fullest, Keith Richards, is going to write a children’s book. I know, I know, it seems insane. But the first thing I want to say is, why not? Just because the man is a hardcore party animal doesn’t mean he can’t put out a quality kid’s book.   I will admit, this seems really insane. But I would be lying if I were to say I am not intrigued. I am definitely intrigued.

Keith Richards is going to write a children’s book with his daughter, who is an illustrator. The book will be about the first guitar Richards ever got as a kid, whom he got from his jazz playing grandfather, Theodore. It is really more of a story about his Grandpa, and how, without him, he would have never ended up being a musician and world famous rocker. But make no mistakes, it will not focus on Keith.

The book, called Gus and Me: The Story of my Grandad and my First Guitar will focus more on the wonderful relationship Keith had with his grandpa, and all the cool things his grand dad did to inspire him. He likes the idea of focusing on that bond between grandparents and grand kids, because he says there is something magical about that relationship.

My Grandpa was kind of mean, so I will just have to take his word for it.

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