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Kelly Osbourne Defends Justin Bieber

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The only people who have been defending Justin Bieber lately are his lawyers and these guys (or girls) are paid to do so. The oft-troubled pop star doesn’t get much support from the public or his colleagues and deservedly so. But he’s not without hope, thanks to Kelly Osbourne.

Osbourne stopped by The Huffington Post Live for an interview in which she defended Bieber saying just how difficult it is to deal with problems under such intense scrutiny. Osbourne recalled when she turned 16 and the challenges she faced as a teenager in the spotlight. At the time, she was on an MTV television show and releasing music. Just three years later she started the first of her seven rehab stints.

As for Bieber, Osbourne said that every teenager is “allowed to make a few mistakes”. She also said one of the things that hurts Bieber is that he has a team of people trying to fix his mistakes, but not teach him so he can learn from his mistakes. She said “I think people need to give the kid a break”.

Let’s be clear that Osbourne comments come on the heels of an appearance in which they graffiti’d a wall together so there is probably an ulterior motive to her comments. As for us, we get that teenagers are allowed to make mistakes, but Bieber has gone next level and it is far more complex than that.

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