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Kelsey Grammer is Ready for More Kids

Kelsey Grammer just can’t get enough of being a father. He welcomed his sixth (yes, sixth) child with his wife, Kayte, a month ago and he’s already talking about having more kids. The “Partners” actor and his wife welcomed a little boy by the name of Gabriel Elias in July. Gabriel joins the Grammer family as the youngest of six. Grammer and his current wife also have a 2-year-old daughter, Faith. Grammer has 4 other children with former partners and wives. Spencer, Greer, Mason and Jude are 30, 22, 12 and 9 respectively.

“I can’t imagine not trying for more because it’s been incredible. As soon as he came out, Kayte and I were going, ‘Yeah, let’s do another one,” he says of welcoming the newest addition to his family. “Gabriel’s fantastic…he is a lovely kid. He’s been real easy and agreeable,” he adds. As for how his older siblings are handling his arrival into their large family, Grammer says that all his kids love their youngest brother, but that he and Kayte’s two-year-old daughter is having the most trouble with the new addition.

“Faith is having a little more trouble than anybody else…she realizes that her world has been chopped in half. This wrinkle, I think, pushed her over the edge a bit,” however, he adds that his youngest daughter does love her brother, “She kisses the baby all the time.”

Like a man in love with his kids and even the idea of adding a seventh to the mix before too long, Grammer is a hands-on daddy. He’s in charge of daughter Faith’s diapering and handling the big stuff. He says his wife takes over the baby duty and he’s been given toddler duty, and that’s something he’s okay with.

“It’s just this overwhelming gratification of being close to life like this. It just gives you such hope and joy. I’ve never felt more alive or more serenely happy than in the throes of life with these young people, I really enjoy it.”

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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