Kendra Wilkinson Reveals She’s Pregnant With Baby Girl

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Pregnant with her second child, former Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson has told OK! Magazine she’s having a baby girl. Kendra is delighted she’s giving her first child, Hank Jr., a baby sister. Wilkinson and her husband have vowed not to make her a girly girl. In fact, she’s hoping that the baby is a tomboy.

“I don’t want her to feel like she has to be trapped in a girly-girl bubble. We are going for unisex colors, like yellow and cream, and a unisex name. I am putting basketball shorts on her. Of course we are going to introduce her to princesses, but if she turns out girly, it will be her decision.”

The addition of a girl to their family is exactly the way Kendra wanted her life to go according to the blonde beauty. Kendra has admitted to wanted a girl, but she was more interested in just knowing the sex of the baby. She and Hank actually fast-tracked the DNA-test results for the baby to find out the gender. According to Kendra, Hank was “terrified at the news of having a baby girl”.

It appears as if things are going according to plan for Kendra. She has said multiple times that it’s always been her dream to have two kids before 30. While we can’t say we know much about Kendra, the few times we’ve tuned into her reality show it didn’t appear as if things were going swimmingly for her and her husband Hank. Regardless, we wish the couple best of luck with their new baby.

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