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Khloe Kardashian Using French Montana to Make Lamar Odom Jealous?

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Even with a free pass because of brutal divorce people are still scratching their heads about Khloe Kardashian’s latest fling with rapper French Montana.  Now Khloe just went through a brutal divorce with a very troubled guy, surely she doesn’t think she can find stability in French Montana right? We need explanation, and we may have gotten one..

According to reports, Khloe has been flaunting her relationship with French to make ex-husband Lamar Odom jealous. Sounds pretty standard from a Kardashian right? Rumors are swirling that Khloe is doing all she can to get back at Lamar or make him jealous now that he’s back in Los Angeles. And no Lamar is not back in Los Angeles for basketball. He’s there to meet with a family attorney to file a response to Khloe’s divorce petition.

While he’s doing that, Khloe has been doing her best to tell Lamar how happy she is with the rapper. The situation even escalated on Tuesday night when Lamar was denied entry into the Penthouse night club because Khloe and French were already inside. Reports are saying that Khloe set the whole thing up to humiliate Lamar.

There’s no telling what is going on with Khloe and her new man. You have to believe it’s pretty bad when no one in her family approves of the wedding, not even Kim. As it stands now, French will be Khloe’s date at Kim’s wedding even though no one wants him there.

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