Kim Kardashian Shares Baby North Gift Pictures

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We went at Christmas this year wanting only one thing. We went at it hoping that Kim Kardashian shares her baby North gift pictures. A simple request, really. Well, guess what? Santa delivered, and he delivered early. We got them. The baby North gift pictures. We just wanted to make sure that this Christmas, we got less than a baby. So far, so good. Looks like this kid cleaned up!

As MTV reports, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram and shared her baby North gift pictures. No, not pictures of her actual kid. That would be too normal. No, these are pictures of what Baby North got for Christmas. You know, stuff like shoes specially made by designers. Clothes from Paul McCartney’s famous designer daughter, Stella. You know, just stuff no non-celebrity would get. Yes, stuff like that. Oh, and for those taking notes, kids LOVE getting designer clothes for Christmas instead of toys. Seriously, try it next year at your house and see how well it goes over. Just kidding, you would have a riot on your hands. But we all know, celebrity kids are nothing like normal children. They are bred to be superstars. Designer clothes at less than one years old sort of drives that idea home.

(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

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