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Did You Know That Robert Pattinson Wanted to be a Rapper?

"Cosmopolis" New York Premiere - Outside Arrivals

All I could think while watching the Twilight movies was, man, that dude looks like he should be a rapper! I mean, look how pale and feminine he is.  One thing that the rap game is known for is pale, feminine men who look like they cry a lot. All that manic depressive swagger just seemed like it was meant to be immortalized on wax. Well guess what, I found out last night on Seth Meyers that Robert Pattinson DID want to be a rapper. Man, I am good.

He said his MC name would have been Big Tub (no, not kidding) and he seemed to be speaking in all seriousness when talking to Seth Meyers about it. Thing is, and most people have trouble understanding this, Robert Pattinson likes to troll people. What that means is he says things to get a reaction. Sort of like a prank, but he never says “just kidding”. We can all assume he was being serious, but I can tell you with utter confidence he was being ironic. It is literally the last thing we can imagine him doing, so that is most likely why he put that out there.

Also, because he knew folks like us would be talking about it today. Hey Rob, well played. Now go make a mix tape and prove to everyone you’re not just trolling us.

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

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