Is Kris Jenner Really Involved With Ex-Bachelor Ben Flajnik?

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You can only ignore a rumor so many times. That’s the case here. When we first saw rumors that Kris Jenner was romantically linked to ex-Bachelor Ben Flajnik we brushed it off as nonsense. Then we kept seeing news – and here we are reporting it. The first report came when US Weekly reported that Kris Jenner and Ben Flajnik have been together since July. Then we saw more stories about how Kris has been flying Ben around and letting him drive her Bentley. It’s becoming hard to ignore.

All the reports say the same thing – Kris has become Ben’s total “sugar momma”. She’s been paying for almost everything and letting him join her on various excursions. When asked about the relationship Ben said Kris is “beautiful” but they’re just “friends”. However, US Weekly is really pushing the romantic relationship saying that right after Ben appeared on Kris’ talk show things moved pretty quickly.  They maintain the relationship is casual and not exclusive, but clearly there is something going on there.

The Daily Mail has a full run down of the story. Clearly, something is fishy. The two are spending an awful lot of time together and it seems like there is some kind of romantic involvement. We will continue to monitor this story and you can be sure there will be new stories released on the “couple (she’s 58, he’s 31).”

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