Lady Gaga Dresses Like a Christmas Tree in London

Not only did Lady Gaga don a Christmas Tree outfit in London.  She even had the green hair going.   The woman is festive, we’ll give her that.   Recently Gaga performed at the Jingle Bell Ball in London’s Capital.   In addition to the green hair she wore a decorate green head piece with a Gold star.   What I found eve more interesting about this video is that Lady Gaga is 27 years old.

Doesn’t it seem like she’s older than that?  And at the same time younger?  I really don’t know what to say.  I mean I know that doesn’t make sense but doesn’t it?  I suppose any time you’re talking about Lady Gaga, all bets are off and weirdness is just automatic.

We’re very curious to know what she’s going to wear on the actual day of Christmas.  Or how about New Year’s?  One thing’s for certain.  It’ll be interesting and there were probably be sites that are taking bets on what outfits she might wear.

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