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Lady Gaga Injury Forces her to Postpone Tour

Lady Gaga’s “Little Monster” fans anxious to see the music superstar in concert will have to wait a little longer after the 26-year-old announced an injury has left her unable to walk. “I’ve been hiding a show injury and chronic pain for some time now, over the past month it has worsened,” Lady Gaga tweeted Tuesday afternoon. “I’ve been praying it would heal.”

“Synovitis is an inflammation of the membrane that lines a joint capsule,” said Dr. Jennifer Ashton, senior medical contributor for ABC News. “It can cause significant pain, significant swelling and reduced range of motion.”

I gotta say I was wondering why we haven’t really heard much from the Lady Gaga camp.  I feel like it’s been nearly a month since we’ve posted any on her.  That, my friends, is not normal.  We can only hope that her injury heals and heals well.  Frankly I miss all the crazy outfits and antics.

I mean I guess Nicki Minaj is doing a decent job of the psycho fashion replacement in Gaga’s absence but I think we can all agree that Gaga is the queen of crazy.

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