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Lady Gaga Says She Had Hip Surgery

According to the AP, Lady Gaga says she’s had surgery to fix her hip. The 26-year-old singer posted on her blog late Wednesday that she had hip surgery and it “happened so fast.” She canceled her “Born This Way Ball” tour last week. She thanked her fans in the post, saying they gave her “a lot of strength.” Lady Gaga said that as she was wheeled to surgery, she reflected on her fans. She wrote: “Sometimes you are so brave that it terrifies me. I wonder how it’s even possible.”

Obviously we wish Lady Gaga luck on her recovery.  I’m sure all her little monsters are waiting in the wings for news on her comeback.  I’m sure whatever she does it’ll be a grand entrance as we’d expect nothing less from the insane dressing diva.  Ms. Gaga, good luck with that knee and we hope you come out swinging sooner than later.

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