Lamar Odom Wants the NBA to be his Legacy

Lamar Odom Attends Custody Hearing

I think we can all agree Lamar Odom has made some awful life choices up to this point, right? Lamar Odom wants it all. He wants a pretty and rich wife. He wants a basketball career in the NBA, and he wants to be able to do some bad stuff on the side without it having any impact on his life. Thing is, you can’t have it all, as he is quickly learning. So he decided that he wants his NBA career and basketball to be his legacy. Not all the stupid stuff he has done on the side. Well, guess what? How we remember Lamar Odom is up to us, not up to what Lamar Odom wants. That is not how life works out.

TMZ has the story, but we just told you the best parts. Lamar Odom wants to leave all the bad press behind him and focus on his basketball career again, and he wants the same thing from us.  You can’t just do illegal, shady stuff, and then just ask for people to forget it and let you get back to doing what you do best. No, Lamar Odom wants that, but seems to be not be aware he needs to earn it. He needs to earn our respect back.

(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

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