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Lance Armstrong Apologizes to Livestrong Staff

Lance Armstrong reportedly issued an emotional apology to several staff members at his Livestrong organization in Texas amidst rumors that he’s finally going to admit that he cheated. According to the AP, Armstrong met with staffers right before he headed to an interview with Oprah Winfrey, an interview in which he’s rumored to finally admit he doped during his cycling career.

It’s basically the first time that Armstrong has acted with any kind of remorse since this all began.   You can build a mountain of cash.  You can help millions of people.   You can support as many causes as you want but eventually, if you’re a human being, deep down you’ll know if you’re a cheater and that will surface if you have any ounce of humanity.

Clearly this is happening to Armstrong.   Good luck on Oprah pal.

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