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Lance Armstrong May Finally Come Clean on Doping

Lance Armstrong, the disgraced American cyclist at the center of the biggest doping scandal in the sport’s history, may admit he used performance-enhancing drugs during his career, the New York Times reported in Saturday’s editions, citing “several people with direct knowledge of the situation.”

The newspaper said Armstrong, 41, has told associates and anti-doping officials he may make the admission in hopes of persuading anti-doping officials to allow him to resume competition in athletic events that adhere to the World Anti-Doping Code, under which Armstrong is currently subject to a lifetime ban.

Honestly at this point do we even care?  Anyone who even remotely believes that Armstrong didn’t do it is a moron.   And given all these “late admissions” we’ve seen from the likes of baseball players I find that the admission itself is worthless.  I mean great for Lance getting it off his chest and all.   The dude still made over $100 MM while cycling.

Yes, he did a lot of good but he still cheated.   In the same token though, EVERYONE in his sport was doping so I just don’t know how to feel about this one.   Then again, I’m not sure I care given how late this admission is going to be.

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