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Lauren Silberman Isn’t Qualified to Kick in the LFL

You read that correctly.  No it’s not LOL or anything like that.  You might remember that Lauren Silberman made news the last few days because she showed up at an NFL tryout.    You might also recall that unfortunately she bombed at said tryout. Silberman, a former soccer player from the University of Wisconsin, completely botched two kicks propelling them roughly 15 yards each before calling it quits with a quadricep injury.

To add insult to injury a rep from the Lingerie Football League said that Silberman wasn’t even LFL quality.   Every single time I write LFL I think “laugh out loud.”  I’m sorry but it’s true.  Anyway,  even though Lauren is kinda cute, the LFL (which now officially stands for Legends Football League) says it’s “only interested in real football players, not soccer players turned kickers. We don’t have girls that just kick in our league.”

Better luck next time Lauren (even though you didn’t even try out).

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