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Is Lea Michele Going to Be on Sons of Anarchy?

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Sometimes you just need to assess where you are professionally, and make a valid effort to change the way the world looks at you. If you need a great example of this, think Vanessa Hudgens. Was a Disney darling, but did a few things to change that (like take a role in Spring Breakers, for example). It looks like Lea Michele may be following in those foot steps, as the rumor is that the young actress may be joining Sons of Anarchy. I know, it does sound insane.

First thing we do is look at some of the casting that Sons of Anarchy has already done recently. Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson, for example. The last person you expected to be added to that would be Glee actress Lea Michele, but that may be just why she is doing it.  Sometimes, as actresses grow up and mature, they no longer want to be seen as the fragile swans they once were. They want to be taken seriously for their acting skills and see just how far they can take it. Though we know next to nothing about the role she has. A waitress named Gertie who bonds with the Gemme character? There are some rumors she may be a single Mom, too, which can add much in the way of TV drama.

All we can say right now is we look forward to whatever she can bring to the show. Lea Michele has been through quite a bit, and shows a resilience that one can only admire. Seriously, though, Sons of Anarchy? Wow.

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