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Lea Michele Set to Release Book Called Brunette Ambition

Lea Michele has had an uphill battle in the last two years. It is never easy losing a loved one, especially to the tragedy of drugs. But it seems Lea has been using this time to grow stronger and wiser. Not only is she now a celebrated singer, but she will be adding prestigious author to that list as well. Seems Lea Michele is following up her album with a biography she is writing called Brunette Ambition.

Lea Michele said she considers the book to be a biography, style guide, and a how-to. She will talk about what it took for her to rise to fame, and what she plans to do with that fame. She also hopes the book will work as an inspiration to others who may not plan on following their dreams because life taught them not to. It is hard not to marvel at her strength and perseverance. She really wants to drive home to her fan base that if you are passionate enough, you can follow your dreams. She wants to stand as testimony to the fact that nothing is impossible.

So Lea Michele may have gone through a huge loss, but she is here to remind us that anyone can rise above tragedies and not succumb to them yourself or be defined by them. Just looking at her in daily life now proves that to any of us. Way to go, Lea. We know it hasn’t been an easy ride.

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